Based on our own concept projects or those made available by the customer, we offer manufacturing services for a large range of products. Technological products and processes are certified by national and international boards (ANRE, CNCAN, ISCIR, TŰV and ASME).

  • EDS License granted to perform natural gas distribution systems;
  • EDI License granted to manufacture, test and revise natural gas usage installations that operate with reduced pressure or equal to a 6 bar pressure;
  • EP License pressure to manufacture objectives related to above ground technological   installations, natural gas compression stations including upstream supply pipes for natural gas production and storage;
  • ETC License granted to execute natural gas transmission pipes and compression stations, related to national network;
  • ETR License granted to execute natural gas connections and regulating and metering stations, operating with pressures above 6 bars, related to national network;
  • Approval type B to design and execute inner electrical installations for civil and industrial works , above and underground branches with a nominal voltage of 0.4 kV;
  • Approval to append “ NB “ marking for boilers, vessels and pressure attachments.
  • License to manufacture pressure vessels.
  • TŰV EN ISO 3834 – 2 certificate- fulfilling of quality requirements according Euro norm.
  • TŰV AD 2000 certificate – audited in compliant to AD 2000 and EN ISO 3834 – 2 makes available the premises to execute pressure equipment defined by directive 97 / 23 EC;    
  • License for nondestructive tests : mechanical, technological ; metallographic and chemical analysis;
  • Certification for model approval ( BRLM ) – Measuring system of natural gas volumes SMD SCANNER 001;
  • License ( BRML ) of flow rate metering orifice – checking by calculation.
  • Approval for performing the activity within nuclear field – usage of nondestructive X rays test laboratory .
  • License to perform the activity within nuclear field – emplacement of nondestructive X rays test laboratory.