Armax Gaz has necessary personnel and logistics to assure assembly services on both manufacturing facility and construction sites. We possess a modern fleet of utility machines and specific equipment that comply with national and international safety and technical standards, and also protecting and preserving the environment.

The skilled personnel specialized with assembling, owes authorizations and certifications for: project manager, site manager, assembling technical supervisor, ISEMEX responsible etc.

  • Public road transport license for goods in international traffic;
  • Authorization to execute assembly and / or repairs of pressure vessels;
  • Authorization to assembly / install wall or floor vessels for central heating; equipment and attachments for the facilities that are consuming fuel gas;
  • Advice to perform assembly activities of measuring devices;
  • Authorization to perform activities in nuclear field – transport of radiation sources;
  • Certificate of competence in compliant to SR EN 473 for RT- 3 and PT – 2   (ARoEND – Romanian Board for Nondestructive Tests );
  • Certificate of competence issued by ISEMEX Petrosani.