The Romanian Petrol, Gas and Energy Federation founded

13.03.2010 - 00:52:00

March 12th 2010, Mircea Vescan, General Manager of Armax Gaz, officially announced the founding of The Romanian Petrol, Gas and Energy Foundation.

The announcement took place at the Romania – potential European energetic hub conference. This gas and oil industry event was organized by the Romanian-Russian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with UGIR–1903 and The Romanian Petrol, Gas and Energy Federation. The conference covered the ground of projects in the East to West transportation and/or storage of East to West energy bearers, aiming to inform the Romanian business community about the existing projects and to identify business collaboration opportunities among Romanian companies, specialized in these projects.

FEDEPEG reunites the Romanian Employment Oil Association and the Romanian Employment Gas Association starting January 29th, 2010, assuming its role of promoter for the Romanian energy sector development. The Federation pursues the development of several important gas, oil and energy projects; active involvement in the institutionalized social dialogue between these activity branches, for setting up constructive cooperation relations with governmental  institutions and authorities that have responsibilities within this field , with the target to improve legal frame and certainly to maintain their members business interests.

This new master program of FEDEPE represents an employer ship platform ready also for the approach of other employers and professional organizations, to other societies and companies, no matter what size, to cooperate with all Romanian organizations and institutions having the same targets. 

Romania is known facing some challenges without preceding regarding the development of the energy sector and the energy bearers. I consider that this sector’s development in our country will bring benefits for all of us and we’d like to contribute in attaining this purpose, declared Mr. Vescan, the Federation ‘s Chairman.


Marketing & Communication Department, Bucharest

March 13th, 2010

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