The "Mountain Athos – Schit Prodromu" Association starts its activity

10.03.2010 - 10:00:00

Founded by Mr. Mircea VESCAN and being under the high patronage of IPS Laurentiu STREZA  –  Metropolitan of Ardeal, our association wishes to bring forward to the public the values of the Orthodox religion, the element that the abidingness of the Romanian people stood on and that keeps the spirit of these people alive.

The main activities of the association are the material and financial help and support of the religious and artistic manifestation forms and making contacts, settling meetings and collaborations with similar associations from Romania or abroad, in the best interest of the Prodromu hermitage, on Mount Athos, powerful symbol of the Romanian Orthodoxism.

It also aims to organize pilgrimages for all interested persons to know the life full of hardships but crowned with spiritual fulfillment of those special people who dedicated their life to God and ancestral beliefs.

The event will take place Thursday, March 11th, 2010, starting at 17.00 o'clock at the headquarters on Virgil Madgearu Street, no. 4, Medias.


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