Mircea Vescan, medaled for the contribution to the employer’s move and the Romanian economic development

30.03.2010 - 01:57:00

March 29th 2010, Bucharest – Mr. Mircea Vescan, the Manager of Armax Gaz Medias, was granted a jubilee medal for his contribution to the employer‘s move development and the Romanian economy, within the General Meeting of the General Union of the Romanian Manufacturers – UGIR – 1903.

UGIR – 1903 constitutes one of the largest and most important Romanian employers’ confederations and is a representative authority for the employers’ point of view for the Romanian economy, sustaining our country’s economic and industrial development within the European area. Joining companies from all activity sectors and all counties, UGIR – 1903 is a suggestive partner for the bipartite but also for the tripartite social dialogue. In the actual period of crisis [...], UGIR – 1903 has the duty to assume its property of flag holder of the mixed team: employers – trade unions in its dialogue with the Government declared Mr. Opran, the Executive President of UGIR – 1903.

The attendees of the UGIR – 1903 General Meeting were its members, Governmental representatives, members of the diplomatic staff and representatives of the private economic sector. The meeting’s guest of honor was the former Romanian president Mr. Emil Constantinescu, who personally handed over the jubilee medals within the General Meeting on March 29th 2010.

It’s an honor to receive this medal from the General Union of the Romanian Manufacturers. For me it is a sign of appreciation of our efforts in promoting and sustaining the Romanian energy sector, declared Mr. Vescan, the UGIR’s - 1903 advisory body member.

Mircea Vescan just announced the set up of the Romanian Petrol, Gas and Energy Federation , organisation that joins the Romanian Petrol Employers and the Romanian Gas Employers. FEDEPEG assumes its role of promoting the Romanian energy sector development and follows the development of some significant projects in the gas, petrol and energy sector ; the active involvement into the institutional social dialogue between these branches, to be able to carry on constructive cooperation relations with the governmental institutions and authorities that have responsibilities within this field, meaning to improve the legal framework and certainly to defend business interests of its members.


Marketing & Communication Department, Bucharest

March 30th 2010

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