2010 – a good year for Armax Gaz

23.12.2010 - 14:40:00

Romanian technology export

In 2010 Armax Gaz confirmed its position as the strongest and most serious gas dehydration stations supplier in the SE Europe, efficiently combining its design, equipment production and services for commissioning and maintenance abilities. Armax Gaz demonstrated that it has the most modern vision on triethyleneglycol gas dehydration stations production, closing a substantial contract of millions of Euro with the TPAO Turkish Company for the production of two gas dehydration stations. At the auction in Turkey, due to the invincible quality/price report and the technological advantages offered, Armax Gaz came at the above of the main European and Romanian competitors.

The first Romanian company capable to explore the country’s natural resources

During this year, Armax Gaz has developed a partnership with the Australian-British group Zeta Petroleum, for oil and natural gas exploration in the Jimbolia Vesche and Jimbolia Noua perimeter, near Timisoara. This perimeter offers Armax Gaz the possibility to become, in 2011, the first Romanian private company to produce and sell oil and natural gas.    

European foundations for sustainability

Armax Gaz obtained non-refundable European funds for a 1.5 million Euro contract that will substantially extend the company’s production capacity in 2011. This way Armax Gaz will be ready to offer high technology solutions for the Romanian energy market and continue to aim at the international markets, more powerful.

Bringing in returns for the Romanian investors

2011 will be the year for the Armax Gaz Management to implement the decision of listing the company on the Stock Exchange main market, letting go to the forign stock exchange market option in favor of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in order to support the Romanian capital market.


Armax Gaz
Marketing & Communication Department, Bucharest

December 23rd2010

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