FedePEG: point of view on the Romanian energy market expressed at Energy Forum 2010

16.05.2010 - 10:00:00

May 14th – 15th 2010, Bucharest, The Oil, Gas and Energy Federation, whose president is Mircea Vescan, CEO of Armax Gaz, actively took part at the Central & Southeastern Europe Energy Forum 2010.

Central & Southeastern Europe Energy Forum 2010 overlooked the energetic strategy of Romania through analysis, debates and presentations. The event reunited representatives of the Romanian authorities, the European Commission and the European Parliament, associations from the energy field, companies’ representatives from the energy field, solutions, equipment and services suppliers; IT, banking and juridical companies. The topics revolved around the dynamics of the Central & Southeastern Europe oil and gas market, the geostrategic situation, energetic safety, national energy strategy, dynamics of the electric energy in Romania and at a regional level, directions of development of the nuclear energy and energetic projects.

FedePEG presented its point of view regarding the implication of the Romanian capital and producers in the present context of energetic projects and the economic crises. The Romanian private and state owned companies in the energy field in Romania are capable of having a considerable contribution to the economic recovery and the improvement of the social condition in our country. The ones responsible for assuring the legal and institutional framework must exigently act to ensure the proper conditions and support for the entrepreneurs in a qualified and coherent way. We will be able to overcome this difficult period, avoiding loses hard to recover in the future, only through promoting everything that is most competent and valuable in the Romanian society and through the depoliticizetion of the operative management structures of our economy.

Although this event was aimed to facilitating a direct dialogue between the decision factors and the representatives of the oil & gas companies, the officials that had initially announced their presence were not able to make it at the event. The lack of direct dialogue represented a dissatisfaction for all those present at Energy Forum 2010.

It is a pitty to observe a lack of interest from the officials because this event caould have been a very good way of finding viable solutions for the crisis that the energetic sector as well as Romania, as country, is dealing with, declared Calina Vescan, Deputy General Manager Armax Gaz.


Armax Gaz
Marketing & Communication Department, Bucharest

May 16th, 2010

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