Armax Gaz sponsor of „Cooperation Reloaded - Romania-Media-Russia

01.06.2011 - 13:19:00

May 30th2011, Bucharest, Armax Gaz supports the economic collaboration between Romania and the Russian Federation participating as one of the sponsors of the 2nd meeting of the International Economic Seminar entitled “Cooperation Reloaded - Romania-Media-Russia.

The event created the auspicious environment for discussions regarding the revival of economic collaboration between Romania and The Russian Federation. The participants are officials of the two countries, business men, representatives of the academic body and journalists. 

At the meeting which took place in the Academy’s “Virgil Madgearu Hall”, the presence of prof.univ.dr. Ion Gh. Rosca, Chancellor of the Academy of Economic Sciences and of HE Mr. Aleksandr Churilin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Romania were highly saluted. Along the two, important figures such as Mihai IONESCU, President of National Association of Romanian Exporters and Importers and representatives of Petrotel Lukoil, UNTRR, Armax Gaz, Dacorom International, Vigotex and Transgaz were also present.

The participation of Armax Gaz in “Cooperation Reloaded Romania-Media-Russia” has drawn the attention of the participants towards the importance of industrial fields, business to business, in the revival of economical connections - once very strong - between the CAER countries but rather deteriorated by the social and political contexts of the past two decades. Although the market is highly bidden in the Russian Federation, Armax Gaz has real chances for selling its products for the oil and gas industry. 

We are aware of the fact that the Russian market is not easy to approach, but we are certain that our company manufactures the quality equipments which Russia needs. 

In a related note, Armax Gaz is interested in the attraction of Russian investors, perhaps along with Romanian governmental support, in order to accomplish the projects of which Mr. Mircea VESCAN – President and CEO of Armax Gaz – has been talking for years, projects involving the development of gas storage facilities in Romania, our country having a remarkable potential still unexploited”, said Tiberiu LUKACS, Key Account Manager Armax Gaz.

During the debates, it was stated that the total value of the bilateral commercial exchanges between Romania and The Russian Federation, was, in 2010 equal to 3,797 billion USD, 35% higher than in 2009, the imports increasing with 29%, while the exports registered a 53,1% raise. Unfortunately, the values are still a lot lower compared to the existing potential, especially due to the fact that in the commercial relation Romania-Russia, the balance of autochthonous exports is still negative.

Armax Gaz

Marketing and Communication Department, Bucharest

May 31st 2011

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