Armax Gaz gets the Dacia Mioveni Regulating Metering Station going

28.05.2010 - 03:01:00

Armax Gaz successfully finalized in May 28th 2010, when all the assembling, testing and delivery activities were carried out, a Regulating Metering Station for the industrial platform Dacia Mioveni. This sight represents a technological complex for which manufacturing, assembly and getting-on services were made and in the future maintenance and service are all assured by Armax Gaz. Maintaining the same high level of quality   for the products and services offered, we succeeded in finishing the whole contractual process in less than 3 month. Right now, this station is working at a 50% capacity.

With a processing capacity of 40 000 Nm³/h and a nominal pressure of 40 bars, this installation has the role, firstly to reduce the entrance pressure, existing in the transport system, from 05 – 20 bars to 02 bars pressure when existing. Beside this primary role of reducing the pressure, these equipments execute filtering and measuring processes on the quantity of natural gas that transit inside with the porpoise of insuring the optimum functioning parameters of the local distribution system.

Proof of the company’s experience and innovation, the Station includes a series of modern characteristics like: compact dimensions – the whole assembly is inserted into the thermo isolated hall, with a surface of only 25x20 m, designed from a modular structure which permits an optimal configuration according to the client’s needs and that considerably reduces the assembly time on the site as well as a high facility during the maintenance and service operations. Thus, the recording and monitoring of the functional technical parameters (pressures, temperatures, flows etc.) are realized by a computerized system, able to transmit long distance information and so there is no more need for human supervision on the technological process.

This whole investment is the result of a close collaboration between Armax Gaz Medias – as the equipment supplier, Pegamont Ploiesti – as the construction & assembly works implementer, Transgaz – the equipment operator and Daci - Group Renault as the beneficiary of this project.


Armax Gaz
Marketing & Communication Department, Bucharest

May 28th, 2010

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