The prospecting activities in 1909 performed in the region of Sarmasel – Mures County for discovering of potassium salt, led to the first natural gas eruption. Starting with 1917 gas is used for public lighting and Turda is the first European city taking benefit of this utility. From that moment natural gas is used in many fields of activity and also in further regions. Creating an industry branch that offers products and services, as a promptly and efficient result to the needs of extraction, processing, transmission and distribution is more and more required. Therefore, workshops for ensuring those needs were established in Medias, building the base of our future company that is now called Armax Gaz.

The mechanical workshops serving the gas wells join together and so Sonametan Medias is founded.

The company changes its name in Partizanii Pacii.

The company changes its name again into Central Workshops for Natural Gas.

The company is now part of the Central Office for Natural Gas Medias under the name of Mechanical Plant for Natural Gas.

As a result of the most devastating flood in Medias’ history, the company’s archive is almost entirely lost and priceless historical documents cannot be recovered.

The new headquarter on Aurel Vlaicu Street is founded, taking over the administrative activities and most of the manufacturing.

The company gets legal personality, becoming the Mechanical Enterprise for Natural Gas and continues to be subordinated to the Central Office for Natural Gas  Medias and to the Gas and Oil Ministry.

The enterprise becomes the joint-stock company Armax Gaz, registered at the Register of Commerce under the number J32/127/1991.

Becoming a private company, the majority stake is acquired by Mr. Mircea Vescan. The company starts an extensive process of modernization, by massive investments in the procurement of equipment and area rebuilding to face technological and personnel’s needs. The declared purpose of the new strategy is to regain the leadership on the Romanian market for gas and oil equipment and to enter on foreign markets, as well.

Implementation of the ISO 9001 - Quality Certification System.

The products portfolio is diversified by introducing a new product: Gas Dehydration Stations. Armax Gaz is the first Romanian company and among the few in the world that offers such products. In the same period the company implements the concept of turn-key projects that involves all of the following operations: design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance.

Assets is increased due to an important acquisition, a land that exceeds 20000 square meters in order to develop the production sector with industrial workshops. The land is in the immediate neighborhood of our company’s headquarters, in Medias. Within this period two capital expansions are made, creating the premises of investments that gave our company the opportunity to fulfill technical requirements imposed by the European Union and USA, as well.
Armax Gaz controls now over 80 % of SC GazProiect SA, a company that designs gas and oil equipment, situated in Brasov. GazProiect is a well known designing company, with tradition in Romania.

By building a complete new workshop equipped with the latest technical endowment, Armax Gaz doubled its manufacturing capacity.